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With tender restoration and creative transformation, the magnificent villa now embraces eleven comfortable and beautifully decorated guest rooms, each exuding fantastic charm and featuring spacious bathrooms. The inherent character of the house guided the arrangement of these rooms. Each one is uniquely sized and possesses its own distinct ambiance and charm.

Our rooms

Room no. 1

A hidden gem, complete with a cozy elevated bed that invites you to unwind in its embrace. The walls adorned with William Morris’ lush greenery evoke a charming British ambiance.

our rooms

Room no. 2

Our brightest room, offering a delightful sense of space and double doors leading to the exquisite bathroom. From here, you can enjoy views of both the water lily pond and the pool below. An ideal choice if you’re eager to be the first to dive into the morning’s refreshing embrace!

our rooms

Room no. 3

Davidas former dressing room has transformed into a delightful guest haven, boasting a uniquely elevated podium that houses a washbasin, shower, and toilet. The result is a space that’s both romantically enchanting and bursting with charm.

our rooms

Room no. 4

Occasionally we affectionatly refer to this room as the Wedding Suite. The petite veranda facing the river, the splendid bathroom, and the exquisite wall mural are just a few of the reasons that make this nickname truly endearing.

our rooms

Room no. 5

The charming lattice wallpaper and the earthy tones cultivate a relaxed ambiance in Room Number Five. Serendipitously, the bathroom turned out to be almost as spacious as the room itself, a wonderful allocation of space in a hotel room, in our opinion

our rooms

Room no. 6

A gem nestled in the northeastern nook of the house. The exquisite folding screen, the fluffy feathered lamp, and the petite velvet sofa infuse the room with a touch of theatrical allure. This is a space where only beautiful dreams can be spun!

our rooms

Room no. 7

The tranquil blue-gray tone of the walls makes the heart beat a little slower in this space. There ought to be a decree that anyone staying here must indulge in the delightful vintage bathtub. Imagine soaking in the tub with a glass of bubbles before dinner – an evening like that can only be a resounding success!

our rooms

Room no. 8

Make sure to set aside a little time to explore the treasures waiting in Room No. 8. Books and old, beautiful, and wondrous objects harmoniously grace the shelves. In this space, you’ll find both a double bed and a single bed, making it perfect for three close friends seeking to lodge together or for those visiting with children.

our rooms

Room no. 9

Step into what was once David’s office – the very place where the mill workers used to come every Friday, hat in hand, to collect their wages. The room is bathed in light, exuding an airy and spacious feel. It features not only a bathtub but also a stunning green-patterned tile stove and an impressive vaulted ceiling that stands as a testament to its history.

our rooms

Room no. 10

In “Mjölnarens stuga” or “the Miller’s cottage”, room number 10 and 11 are located. Together, they have a generous terrace with river view. The room has a small kitchenette, a cozy seating area, and an absolutely wonderful iron bed. Here, you could easily manage on your own for a week. A room perfectly suited for those who enjoy a bit of extra breeze and rustling from the treetops. If you are traveling with others, it is possible to unlock the door between the two rooms in the cottage.

our rooms

Room no. 11

In “Mjölnarens stuga” or “the Miller’s cottage”, room number 10 and 11 are located. Room number 11 has a feeling best described as a fragment from Alice in Wonderland’s world. There is something serene and joyful about this room. The little sleeping loft (accessible via a ladder) is designed for simply unwinding, or perhaps you have appropriately sized children (or friends!) who would eagerly climb the ladder to their own little corner. If you are accompanied by others, it is possible to unlock the door between the two rooms in the cottage.