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The house and garden breathe with light and warmth, , and are so inviting that we are instantly filled with joy upon entering through the gates. As we redecorated the rooms, we tuned into the playfulness of the house and allowed every detail to become significant. The sizes of the rooms vary, and none of them resemble another.

Humbled by all that was present, and somewhat uncertain about the path ahead, we slowly realized that the renovation would indeed take time. There are no shortcuts to take when dealing with an old lady like Villa Strömsfors, especially when the goal is to craft a modern environment while preserving its unique atmosphere. It was a journey that spanned nearly three years from our initial encounter with the Villa until its completion after the renovations, in the autumn of 2016.

That initial spark of affection has continued to flourish, and we delight in sharing our playful and charming villa. We feel a warm glow when the Villa becomes a backdrop for life’s most treasured moments. Within its walls, almost anything is possible – weddings, dinner parties, moments of remembrance, and conferences.

Embark on a Villa tour!

Playful Art Nouveau meets our time

No expense was spared on stucco, custom-designed tile stoves, and intricate carvings when the previous century was in its youth and the economy allowed for such extravagances. Today, we are more than grateful for this. David and Davida’s Villa Strömsfors was truly unparalleled when it was completed. We dare say that this epithet holds true even today. Century-old wallpapers are harmonized with modern design and remote-controlled technology. Welcome to a tour where history embraces the future.

From Then Til Now

A journey in time

If only we could have been there for a single day in 1908 when David and Davida moved into the Villa – oh, imagine the tales we would have to tell about the grand couple!

Rustling long dresses, a finely trimmed mustache, and the conversations within the grand hall during dinner hours. Perhaps David would regale with a story of a labeling machine he had sold to America. Then, the couple might have crafted plans for the upcoming dinner party in their splendid new Villa. Would more Bordeaux wine be ordered, they might wonder. What delicacies would they serve to impress their guests, and who would provide the enchanting melodies? Truly, imagine how captivating it would have been to experience a day at the dawn of the last century. Fortunately, our treasure trove is brimming with stories from days gone by, and within the Villa, there are countless details that bear witness to the ideals of eras past.

Our Rooms

Unique & adorable

There is nothing rational about the way we have chosen to renovate and decorate our rooms. We want the house to feel like a welcoming home. That is why we blend vintage with modern. Wallpapers, colors, furniture, and even our choices of literature and bathroom fixtures are all carefully handpicked. The style is clearly influenced by art deco, but we make no claims to adhere to any specific interior design rules. With confidence and a touch of audacity, we’ve decided not to label our Villa. Welcome to a little home tour to see if you find something you like.

Kitchen and dining

Scent, taste, & visual delight

Our philosophy: No guest has ever complained about beautifully decorated plates.

In our Villa, there is no door to the kitchen. When the opportunity arises, you as a guest are welcome to peek in and say hello. Breakfast is usually self-served from our old iron stove. Other meals are served in the dining rooms, on the veranda, and sometimes by the pool. Dinners are a chapter of their own. Our head chef, Mattias, has complete freedom in the kitchen, and his love for new flavors and combinations makes it impossible to label what we serve. What we can promise with certainty is that it will be a well-prepared and exquisite meal, where we aim to offer you as a guest a memorable culinary journey.

Our vision

Quality with a golden edge

We aim to offer you Sweden’s best venue for creative meetings, joyful celebrations, and memorable moments.

At our place, you as a guest will experience hours – or even days – of relaxed luxury where you feel truly well taken care of. Whether you’re attending a conference or a wedding, our ambition is for you to long to return when you leave us. We, the owners and operators of the Villa, are driven by the desire to nurture the treasure we have.

Our small team are all-around artists with a knack for warm, attentive service.

Villa Strömsfors is a blend of a meeting place, party venue, and stage for almost anything. Sometimes we’re open like a hotel, and just as often, private bookings set the stage. The Ståhl family, who owns the villa, is committed to ensuring that guests carry with them a truly wonderful experience when we bid them farewell.

The location

conveniently close

Villa Strömsfors is located in Svenljunga Municipality. It takes 45 minutes by car from Borås, and one hour from Landvetter Airport. Jönköping, the West Coast cities of Varberg and Falkenberg, as well as Gothenburg, are conveniently located just over an hour away. If you travel from Stockholm, it’s approximately 400 kilometers to reach us. Simply enter ‘Villa Strömsfors’ on Google Maps to find the travel time from your location to ours.

the location

the surroundings

If you have some spare time during your visit, we absolutely encourage you to take a leisurely walk in the garden. The lily pond and many of the perennials have been here since the time of David and Davida. The kitchen garden is in the same spot it was 100 years ago. Unfortunately, we can’t boast a greenhouse (at least not yet) like back in those days, but several of the old berry bushes are still here from that time.

We have added a lovely pool area, a cozy pergola, several hundred meters of walking paths, a small extra patio, a boules court, and thousands of perennials and shrubs. In the summer of 2020, our three-meter-high graffiti-painted bronze sculpture, Leone, arrived. Altogether, there’s much to experience up close.

The small community of Strömsfors is a classic industrial town. In the early 1900s, the town flourished with machinery manufacturing, a railway, a hotel, and a grocery store. However, when it no longer thrived in the 1970s, job opportunities disappeared, and many chose to move away. A storytelling path winds along the Assman River. Here, you will find signs where you can read about the old buildings and their significance to the town.

If you would like to go for a run or take a walk in the surroundings, we would be happy to recommend some scenic routes.