Relaxed luxury in Art Nouveau style

Villa Strömsfors is a dream brought to life. Back in 1908 when the construction was completed, that enchanting essence has endured through time. Now, a warm welcome awaits you here, whether for personal retreat or business ventures. We have spacious halls, a generous garden and eleven uniquely designed guest rooms, each with its own bathroom, embraced of comfort and luxury.

Here, you can host weddings, birthdays, memorial services, conferences, or simply enjoy an all-inclusive hotel experience, our way. Take a look at the events and experiences we arrange, or book a customized arrangement for you and your group. You also have the option to rent the entire villa for several days and manage most things on your own to create unforgettable memories.


Events in the villa

Our guiding principle is simple: we curate events that we ourselves would be thrilled to attend.

With us you will discover evenings of luxury stays, wine tastings, fitness weekends, dinners, music and workshops of all kind. At times, we are inspired to host a rustic Sunday feast, or other delightful gatherings.

7 December 15:008 December 11:00

7/12 Old-time Christmas cheer

Welcome to this year's Christmas table in the Villa. This year we want to take you back to the Christmas joy of old! We invite you to our classic Christmas table, where every dish is prepared with […]

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8 December 15:009 December 11:00

8/12 Old-time Christmas cheer

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9 December 15:0010 December 11:00

9/12 Old-time Christmas cheer

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14 December 15:0015 December 11:00

14/12 Old-time Christmas joy

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15 December 15:0016 December 11:00

15/12 Old-time Christmas joy

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Conference at the Villa

A conference at Villa Strömsfors is nothing short of extraordinary. Tailored to suit your board, leadership ensemble or dedicated team. The atmosphere encourages discussions and tranquility, far from urban bustle and city dirtractions. We provide a relaxed, familial, and finely tuned environment where you can concentrate on what truly matters.

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Weddings in the villa

Weddings are truly the celebration of celebrations!

You most likely have a beautiful picture of how your day should unfold. Allow us to make your day extra special. Our venue can host up to 50 seated guests. Many couples choose to have their ceremony in our garden. Some start with a church ceremony and we welcome guests with sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres to begin the festive night.

All weddings with us are organized with the assistance of our wedding coordinator.